Apologies for very late posts, but if you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have notice that I have spend one weekend in Belfast or to be specific, around Northern Ireland. Went for a weekend getaway with a friend, we have booked a room though Airbnb and it was such a beautiful Victorian style place. The landlord was super friendly and helpful, the place was clean and pretty.

The flight was less than an hour, however the weather was very unpleasent during the weekend, but it still didn't stop us for going to trips and exploring the coasts of the Northern Ireland. It felt very nice recharging weekend (now back to tight deadlines approaching). Saturday we have spent on the road around the coast and whiskey village. Sunday we have stayed in the city and explore the famous Titanic quarter and the town. We have seen and walk around all the time and manage to go to check everything what we wanted. Ireland is overal a beautiful place to travel around, especially around its coasts and to the nature. Will be posting very soon an overview of places needed to see while there, meanwhile, have a look at the stunning country through the lens!