Last year at the same time I have published my 2015 travel destinations. Places that I wish to visit during the year, however throughout the year unexpected things happend, such as new places to visits, no time or no budget.
In 2015, I was glad to visit following these places (click on following places to read through more):

Still I had 4 places from 7 from the last year's list to visit, and as you can see I had visited 4 different places off my list. Well, it happens and I don't regret them. 
And here I am with my 2016 travel list again! (some of them may overlap from places that I wanted to go last year)

1) Scotland - Glasgow, Isle of skye

2) UK - York, Bath, Cambridge

3) Belgium - Brussels, Antwerp, Ghant, Bruges

4) China - Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai

5) United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah

Image result for dubai

6) Greece - Athens, Santorini

7) Portugal - Porto

8) Iceland

Images credit: Google Images

And where are you guys planning this year to go? Share with us some inspirational ideas and destinations! :)

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