1. Melissa balerina flats - bronze with bow
2. Timberland boots
3. Cubanas boots in black with leather details
4. Melissa ballerina flats - nude with heart
5. Ugg boots with bow in chestnut colour
6. Wellies cubanas in black

The fall season is in the fullest now and I my mood of adding new items to the season is on. I made this little inspiration shoe check list from EscapeShoes website. All shoes would be best match to this changing season.

My top love choies are those nude Melissa ballerina and those black ankle wellies! Ideal for this British season recently. I already got one rain boot, but an ankle one wouldn't hurt my collection. And these Cubanas ankle wellies are just love at the first sight, no wonder they are the most recommended for Autumn/Winter 2015 collection pick. They seems to be very comfortable and hold the ankle perfectly. That little detail makes the black boring wellie more fashionable!They do also come in different coulours if you check them on the website:)

On the other hand, Melissa flat ballerinas may not seem to be the best suitable for this season right now, but ballerina shoes will always comes handy. And especially those ones with the little heart shape detail and the sophisticated colour. Suitable for day outs, formal outfits or for indie autumn weather. EscapeShoes offers variety of different styles and brands of footwear at various price point. A great starting point to discover more.
Have you purchased your pefect shoes for this season already? What are your pics?

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