Christmas is so fast approaching and gift hunting can begin. Especially with today's Black Friday, I am offering you some discounts you may use:)
On top of all the deadlines and responsibilities I got right now I have started to think about presents and what to get to who (procrastination time). I love Christmas season. I love those lights, the smell, the festive atmosphere and the food. I'd like to share with you some tips and hints for presents. I have focused mainly on personalized gifts, as I believe that those are the most appreciated and heartful. It is always great to give and receive personalized ideas. Get inspired and check my last year's suggestions too.

1) Personalized Nutella (4.99 GBP)
Who would expect to have a personalized food? You can have it now on the bottle of wine, chocolate bar, jelly beans jar or even nutella. You will not disappoint anyone with food right? Especially if you know that the person loves sweets or drinks or anything.

2) Personalized photo frame (19 GBP, varies)
If in doubt or with no ideas, a photo frame with a photo is always a good choice, and even preferably with a photo for a memory inside.

3) Personalized watch (110 GBP)
Talking about Olivia Burton watches now, but I am sure many brands may offer personalized watches too. Either underneath of your watch or on the strap. I would welcome one. Giving a different approach to simple just buying a watch. It's thoughtful and you are just not giving it to somebody.

4) Photo gifts (varies on products)
As the Christmas is fast approaching, they got a pretty cute Christmas phot boxes available too on Cheerz. Definitely check what they got, ranging from photo frame, poster, magnets to polaroid style photos. I have just ordered mine memories to be printed out, one for my mom and one for myself.
If you fancy any of their product, use £4 off discount code THUOGR when purchasing at Cheerz :)

5) An experience
Not always a material product can make a person happy. Take a different approach to gifting and gift somebody a voucher, a trip, a lesson, a getaway, anything. A great experience and opportunity is always worthwhile and memorable. Giving a nice time for oneself is always heathy.

6) Personalized glass bauble (13.95 GBP,varies)
A cute Christmas bauble decoration, what more to say. Suitable for Christmas lovers, interior lovers or just simple who loves anything cute.

7) Personalized case or skin for technology gadgets (19 GBP, varies)
Totally love these technology cases from caseapp. Have just ordered one as you might have seen on my instagram. Gadgets need a change time to time too and I love when you can personalize it to your taste and to your values. Great for gifts, you can use photos, own graphics or choose from pre-made ones. Apart from phone cases, you can even have skins or laptop skins! If you would like to order before Christmas for yourself or as a gift, use THUYCASEAPP20 code for 20% off at caseapp (grab it before it ends, valid only for week and half)!

So that would be all of my suggestions, what are your thoughts for Christmas presents this year? If you do order a case or skin or photo collages, share it with me, excited to see what you have ordered too xx

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