Cheltenham & surroundings - photo diary

Couple weekends ago me and my friend spent a nice getaway weekend in Gloucestershire area, in south-west of England. The main aim was to go for Cheltenham Literature Festival which was happening (obviously) in Cheltenham for the whole week. We went for 3 inspirational talks over the weekend and the rest we have been strolling around in the autumn beauty season.

Saturday we have arrived in the morning, went for a first talk, then we had plenty of time until hour last talk of the day in the eveing. Therefore we went for a walk around its parks, around the festival location and in the center. Before the last talk we went to check in to airbnb place where we rest for a while and put our stuff. And in the evning we had dinner in a nice tent as part of festival tents and for the last talk about Germany.

Sunday we woke up early and I had planned to go to this small beautiful village, however on the internet while researching it was very confusing (we had to change buses and it doesn't go often and somewhere it was written as well that that bus is not going on Sunday). But we still went out in the morning to check for that bus, while looking for it, we had asked another bus driver about it and he has helped us. So unfrotunatelly, the bus is really not going on sunday, but on the other hand he has suggested us other places to see. As Cheltenham was a small town, we have walked (almost?) everywhere and Sunday was out village (small towns?) trips before our talk later in the afternoon.

So we took a bus and head into a Broadway village and Winchcombe town. We were glad that he suggested us some  places nearby, because we did enjoy it. We had like about 2-3 hours in each places and it was more than enough :) Beautiful nature, beautiful builduings and it was a nice getaway from rush and busy cities.

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