So the past weekend I have spent again down in London for my friends' birthday. However, I took the chance while I am there to meet up again with my fellow peers and attended two exhibitions that I wanted to join. So perfectly timed.

Me and my friend head to Saatchi gallery where Chanel exhibition was held on a Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly, there was such a queue for at least an hour and half or two. The queue was stretching down the road, so we have decided not wait here and try to go the next day early in morning. 

On Sunday we get there around 11 a.m., still had to wait a queue for about half an hour (-ish) i think. I love Saatchi gallery and love to always come back, this time, the whole gallery and floors was dedicated to Chanel. It was very interactive and visual. Very high tech and breath taking. By downloading the app on your phone it automatically alocate you and start interacting trhough an app.
It was in the beginning exciting, but my phone slowly died after as well as I had only my phone to take pictures, so I had to always switch off and on the application.

The exhibition is still on until next Sunday - 1/11/2015, so whoever is in London or planning a trip during that week, definitely go and I recommend go early to avoid time consuming wait in a queue!

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