At the end of the summer I have tested this Anti brown corrector spot from Harmony Life. I have been using it for already 3 months (not every day though). I usually apply it in the evening after washing face. I got a lot of scarves and dark spots from acnes, but also from the sun (apparently). These dark spots that I have on the cheek. I wanted to try to use this product to see whether the dark spot would decrease, however, I might have a feeling of spots being faded a bit, however not totally disappeared as product has promised. I am not sure if you can see it on photos clearly, but on my right side of cheeks I got small brown spots, which are not freckles. 

I do not usually do beauty products, as it's not my area of speciality, however I always wonder whether western products have the sample application and results to an Asian skin or any other ethnicity skin. As I know for example that make up products available in Europe are advertised a lot on caucasian models and tested on caucasian people, for me not every make up product works or look alike. I might have to do some further research into more Asian products and compare it.

Have anybody try any sort of dark sport correctors? Did it work for you? Woudl love to hear your opinions :)

Dark spot corrector Institut Claude Bell, purchased at Harmony Life

Photos before using the product:

Photos after 3 months of using the product: