10 best coffee & brunch spots in London


Overall UK is great place to discover the variety of food taste! Since I have been here, eating out have been a routine. What I love the best is those little interesting cafes with great interior design and atmosphere. I love discovering new places with great coffee and cakes!
Everywhere you go, there is a place to eat and grab a drink. So often, me and my friend go spontaneously and drop in randomly. Or we google up reviews or search for eye catching instagram photos of people who have tagged places and we go try to try it ourselves. Here are 10 places of my choice where I like returning. Have you spot any cafe place yourself? Share it with us xx

1. Kaffeine
2. Timberyard
3. Boundary rooftop
4. Modern Pantry
5. Exmouth coffee company
6.  Leyas
7. L'eto cafes
8. Breakfast club
9. Grounded coffee company
10. Princi

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  1. Oh, perfect to know those tips =), we are planning to go to London next year and to have a coffee is an essential =)

    Thanks a lot and I wish you beautiful start of new week,

    1. definitelly! you'll find coffee shops all over London:) hope you'll enjoy ur stay x

  2. I'd love to visit those coffee shop, their coffees looks delicious <3

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  3. Jsem tak ráda že jsem tě našla ! Další semestr se stěhuju do Londýna a už teď se neksutečně těším :) Určitě toho musím prozkoumat na tvém blogu hodně .. Měj se pěkně

    1. Co tu tady?:) Tak doufam ze si to poradne uzijes! Urcite mrkni, mam dalsi clanky o Londyne, snad budou uzitecne:)

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  5. This is very interesting post. best breakfast in london i am impressed Thank you...