You might or might not heared about Coco Melody already, but here I am today to introduce this great landing page for girls, where you can find dresses for every occasions!
But I will focus on wedding gowns in this post ladies, because "for over 15 years, Coco Melody has been an expert dress-maker in bridal profession" and as they grew up they have extended their product portfolio. Coco Melody offers more than that, you can buy the whole set of your outfit and or for your bridesmaid on the site too.

As every girl at any stage of an age, they somehow start to think about their perfect wedding day. What kind of venue, decoration or even a dress to wear. Honestly, it will be such a hard decision to decide on one particular dress, as I can see that they are so many types and options, such as long sleeve wedding dresses or beach wedding dresses that Coco Melody is offering. Inspired by fashion shows and a feminity, designs of every dress is truly amzing with rich embroidery, lace, patterns and details. What is even great about it, as it is inexpensive for such a beautiful and glamorous dresses and additionaly, you can tailor it to your size.

Their dresses attracts a big market for every wedding, parties or any occasions. Their offer a vast selection, to see more of what they got to offer, visit their page. Believe me, you will suddenly feel in such an inspiration of what kind of dress you will want!

Sharing some of my favourites from mermaid dresses:

Ball gown dresses (how stunning they are!)