Here is it again, the one of two times in a year of a week of madness. If you have read my London diary, I have shared with you that for a following week I have moved to Manchester. Which is just about 2.5 hours from London by train. Already 2 weeks back in UK and already two weekends in a row in London. This weekend I came back for the London fashion week.

Many of us might know that this year's fashion week has changed its location. No more beautiful stunning area of a Somerset House, but straight into the heart of Soho. The main stage was in a Brewick car park, the live screening was few streets away in a little square park as well as in the middle of streets in the Carnaby area. Shows were held in various locations and it was more difficult to shift around. Due to (fashionably) late shows, traffic jams and if especially if you have heels.

In my opinion, I didn't like this year's location that much. It seems to be more complicated to go around from one show to another in different locations as well as the place of LFW was very tight. Cars were passing around, no space for photographers or for people to wondering around anymore. On the other hand, the space of desigenrs showrooms were amazing and not as much confusing as in a Somerset house.

It was very busy and intense weekend, but lucky the weather was warm and sunny and that contributes to a better feeling of being around LFW this year. Actually, it is my first time attending spring/summer shows in september in London, usually I would still have holidays and would be home or travelling around.

Have to thanks lovely designers for the opportunity to share with my their collection and was amazed by the number of new upcoming talents!

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