You might or you might have not (yet) read my post where I have share a little personal story to you. My 3 awesome years spent in London has ended with the greatest opportunity and memories. I have always been a girl that is never satisfied in one place and I have the urge and the need to go to explore and to satisfy my visuality and my mind.

It is september outside and my new school year is going to begin very soon. I have been in Manchester couple of times to visit a friend or to visit this university before actually taking the offer. It is only school year which will fly very fast. I came here 2 weeks earlier than my university starts, because I needed time to find a flat, clean up, settle and to organize few left over issues. And in spare time between settling down and starting uni, I went back to London (I told ya, I am not done with London!) to visit friends and to catch up on new things there.

I had time already to stroll around Manchester City and it is in need very interesting city. I already like red brick builduing in every corner, those emergency fire stairs on the builduings like in NYC, those small boutiques and cafes and an inspirational Northern Quarter. I believe that again this new city and experiences will move me higher and who knows what happens next and throughout the life in here...

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