While vising Shanghai mainly, I had the opportunity and time to visit in local villages/cities. Talking about Zhujiajiao and Hangzhou. Zhujiajiao is a water town village in a suburbs of Shanghai, it took only one hour ride to get there. We went there early in the morning, which was the best timing, because around lunhc time it gets very busy and crowded as the streets are small, it gets very annoying. We arrived there about 9 o'clock had plenty of time to go around its bridges and canals, visited temple, souvenir shops, boat trip or cafes by the canal. It remind me like a Chinese Venice. It was very magnificent and easy to get lost around.

Another trip was to Hangzhou. Unfortunatelly, it was raining heavily on the day so I didn't enjoy the beauty of the city as much. However, during the evening and with the reflection of lights on a wet streets it was beautiful as well. Hangzhou is considered as one of the beautiful city because of its West Lake and surrounding. It was very beautiful indeed and I have to come back to see the whole beauty without the rain and clouds. We took a train from Shanghai to there and it was about one hour again with the speed train or if taking a usual train it will take about 2 hours.