Hello everybody. Summer holidays is slowly approaching to the end unfortunatelly and I hope everybody has enjoyed it to the fullest (or maybe is/will be still enjoying). It's been couple days already since I have arrived from my Shanghai trip. If you have followed me on instagram or facebook, you might have seen some photos of my trip already.

I promise, to sum up my trip and my experience and recommendations soon in one post (so behind now with travel posts!). Now, I'd like to share some visual experience of beautiful Shanghai. Excuse the quality as it has been mainly taken on the phone, my camera is too big to carry all the time together with books to study and other stuff, I should buy a smaller good quality camera for travelling I think. (any recommendations?)

To summarized, I love this city. It's my second time in China and again, I make a memorable summer, make good friends and had lots of fun there. Even though it is a first time in Shanghai, it was as I was expecting. I am hoping to come back soon again and hopefully I will have the opportunity to travel more in that country. Somehow I feel very much attracted to it and feel so much chilled there (yes, too chilled that now I have to go back to reality and catching up things before things will happen again in September). 

People might be annoying there (as everywhere else). But I am tlaking about overpacked and crowded metros! So, so, so sooo many people that you cant even imagine. I have being in a small space and I especially when people have to be sticked on you. So yes, rides on metros was pain time to time. 

I met some great people there, I have some great experience, another trip that make an impact and open my eyes. Great experience and memories to be marked down.