Dear London,

3 years has passed (it might be a little less if I do not include all holidays and days back home in Czech) since I have moved to London to study at the university. Now, I have just returned back from a week of holiday with my family in UK and from a graduation ceremony that I am pleased that all my beloved ones have managed to attend.

Now I am back and ready to share a little story to you.

It has not been such a big change for me that I have moved away, far away from a family. I had already experience a first big move by moving to Prague years ago. But it was a challenge moving to UK, to London and to start a university life.
It was a huge experience full of surprises, learnings, failures and new friends. I am very thankful to what I have been given to be here as I am now and to what I have shape myself to be.

3 years in London was amazing and I have fallen in love to this city. I had left my hear there, however part of my is a wanderlust and I am constanly on a move and on the search of something new. Thats why from next year I am starting my new chapter of Masters degree in Manchester. (yes, just XX km from London) but hey, its something different and I have plans for more than settling down there. I came across an article about moving into a new city and I feel so much connected and I have to totally agree with everything what is said there. Being alone, far away make a person to develop its personality and to make them realize and to see things that they could have missed or learn later on. It was such a challenge and an opportunity and I would encourage everybody to take on any opportunities and doors open.

I am honored to pass, now call me BA(Hons) Thuy. :D I am deligted to win a degree award of the best dissertation - winning a full scholarship for Master degree at the university, but I have been already accepted to course closer to me and with a QS Scholarship. I am so happy that good things happen and all those hard work over those years can be paid of. Sharing with you some photos from the special moment of life ...

Dear London, you have been great and it is not a goodbye post. I will be coming back as often as I can and you can still be looking forward for new London insight posts and guides that I would like to share my recommendations and some of my experiences and time of London with you. Leave a comment if you have any specific ideas or questions:)

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