If you follow me, you might have seen my 2015 travel destinations lists. It's almost middle of the year and not half of the list is ticked (sad). But well, it's my final year, thousand of work and thoughts and yet, I have still managed to go somewhere. But the year is not over, it's still plenty of time to tick all of these destinations. One of the spontaneous trip that I have shared with you through pictures few posts back is connected with this one. Finally, I have found some free time to sit down and write down this article for you to share some hot spots (or just the tourist spots) in Copenhagen that I have visited and seen. Any more spots that I have missed or need to see next time? Share with us in the comments xx As well, don't miss the Travel Section for more insights and inspiration (hint, hint: summer is approaching!)

1. The Little Mermaid
Of course, the famous fairy tale and Disney movie by Denmark born Anderson. A statue of a little mermaid is on a star shape land (if you look at it on the map, otherwise you would even miss it that's a star shape land called Kastellet)

2. Rosenborg castle

3. Christiansborg palaceA pretty and historical place with a panaromical view at the top of the tower where you can get a nice overview of the city. There is as well a restaurant on a lower ground. The view is free of charge by the way.

4. Church of our Saviour
This church has a beautiful roof which drive an attention from far. It is located nearby Christianshavn area. We have biked around this area, as it is nearby a water side, an opera and through this district. With a small fee you can go upstairs to get a view of a city fron south of the river.

5. Amalienborg
A royal place/square surrounded by custodians and these (I called them) royal red pencils:D They are actually so cute, with little hearts on the side and Queen's initials. At least a bit different rather than usual custodian boxes. In the middle of that place is a fontain, from the middle you have a view to Frederick's church or opera house. You can walk down towards the water side (as you might know, Denmark has little island connected to each other) where there is a little garden and you can walk through.

6. Frederik's church
Beautiful church that drives an attention by its massive and strong appearance. Located nearby Amalienborg, just opposite the opera house.

7. Gefion Fountain
You can pass this big and beautiful fountain in Kastellet (star shape area) nearby the little mermaid statue.

8. Nyhavn
The famous port and the photogenic place in Copenhagen. A great place to have a meal or drinks with the view to this pretty colourful houses and boats, as alongside this port there is only restaurants and bars.

9. Tivoli gardens
An amusememt park located very near the center. The 5th most visited amusememt themed park in Europe. And it is worth a visit! We spend last evening there so we have seen everything by light and at night when all those lights shine. It was magnificent. Lovely themed parts of the parks, lots of things to do for young and adults. There is nothing missing literally. On top of that, they have programmes that run every day something interesting (we have just been there for their non-spoken comedy play and a lumination show in the water) I am sure it is a good way to sum up the trip in here.

10. Christianshavn
A district nearby the church of Saviour. I accidently run through some posts where tourists suggested people to see this place, as it was totally different from the city and what you have imagined. (For Londoners, I would say it is like more hippie Shoreditch) So many graffitis, outside bars, warehouses, small local shops etc. It didn't fascinated me to beh honest. But on the other hand, we haven't discovered about of this neighbourhood. So I am sure it has much more to show. When I have looked at it back home, I have discovered that Christianshavn is actually a bigger district (that churhc of Saviour is that district) so I guess the place where we went was the small part of it. The neigbourhood has established an independed community and it appears as city within the city. But I consider that it is a popular place for festivals or cultural events or concerts, as I can imagine that it can be a good fit in it.

11. Strøget
A pedestrian shopping street in Copenhagen. (car free!) You'll find a lot of minimalistic boutiques and shops that they are known in Nordic countries. A good place to walk around, admire the builduings and local shops.

12. Den Bla Planet Aquarium
We haven't been inside, as we said that for this little time we have in this city, to go to aquarium it would already take at least half of our day. But, I wanted to go to see the builduing at least. ( I am a visual freak and I love to see builduings) So guess what, we have actually walked from the airport to this aquarium. As it is located a bit outside of the center, so we said that we (or mainly me) wanted to see the builduing, we could do that straight after we land in (so we walked, it took about 15-20min? so it's fine). Then we took the nearest tube to get to central. It is great connection in Copenhagen and to the airport by tube it take about 15-20 min again!

I am sure there are many other great spots in the city, but these top attractions are must see. Any more suggestions what to not miss next time? Share your travel experiences and spots!

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