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So it has been couple weeks already since my trip and finally I have managed to post a proper post giving you some insight and tips on where to go and what to do. Apologies for late delay, as I was very busy with my final few weeks and very hectic situations. Still not calmed yet (even though exams are done and university is over?) though still few issues needed to be solved. But first, the promised post.

So if you have read my photo posts from my Holland trip, I have been only for an extended weekend in Netherland. 2 days spent in Amsterdam and one day in Utrecht and Zaandam.
Most of us probably can image red light district and weed as the first thing when thinking about Netherland, but it has more to offer than that, so maybe visit those things as last thing if travelling to Netherland for a first time, otherwise it can ruin your perception of this country.

Share with us any of your recommendations, local tips or anything spotful in this beautiful city! xx

1. Musem District

- Van Gogh Museum
- Rijksmuseum
- Stedelijk museum

2. Anne Frank House
I haven't been personally here, due to lack of time and the long, looong queue. I would recommend to visit museums on the museum quarter first and when you do have time then visit Anne Frank House. If you would see those queue, that's just crazy! People are lining across the streets and around blocks!

3. Royal palace of Amsterdam
Located on a Dam Square. The palace was beautiful overall and it's interesting to learn more about the history. While visiting the palace, everybody will get an electronic device to tap in, in each room to listen to the story of the place and it will gudei you through rooms to room. Cleverly done!

4. Oude Church
Just went by this builduing which is very nicely designed and look like a nice palace. Located nearby red light district. The Amsterdam's oldest Parish church.

5. Dam Square
The main square of Amsterdam where everything is around. Monuments, shops, cafes, canals, red light district just few streets across or short distance to the train station. Our accommodation was located few minutes walk to Dam Square, therefore it was a perfect. You'll see a lot of bikes parking on a square and you can catch a train down to a museum quarter or up to the main train station. (however, everything can be walked!)

6. Westerkerk
A church where you can get upstair for a view of a city.

7. Singel
Canal belt, endless boat houses, endless bridges and endless bikes parked around. That is Amsterdam. Every canal has its own name and story about it. It is a good idea to take a canal boat trip to get an overview of the city from different perception as well as to hear stories. That's what we have done on our first day.

8. I Am Amsterdam Sign
Of course, a picture cannot be missed in front of this sign. Located just in front of Rijksmuseum on a musuem quarter. This summer there was another sign as well in a Vondelpark, which was located nearby this district. It is very hard to take picture of it, as people are always around, so I suggest get there early in the morning to get a picture without people:)

9. Bloenmarkt
The biggest flower market in the city which is opened everyday. To be honest, I had expect something else. As I have been on a flower market here in London, I was amazed by the number of fresh flowers for such a cheap price. And same I expected in Amsterdam, as it's popular by tulips, so I assumed that there will be plenty of them and much more. However, it wasnt as I expected. No fresh flowers. But nice to walk around, as they are some galleries, cafes opposite to it;)

10. Red light district
I am sure everybody is aware of what to expect here. But if you are travelling to get experience of the city, culture and history, you may visit this distrist in the last place, otherwise it can ruined your vision and perception of this lovely country. There is strictly prohibited cameras, so be aware of what you are taking pictures of. You can visit it by day and be evening, so you can see those red lights and the vibe in this district. It is totally different, as during the day when we pass around here, I didn't even realized that we are already in the red light district.

11. Begijnhof
The small area of old builduings in a center. There is a nice park, church and a different feel to it.
We haven't managed to get in, as it was late therefore it was closed already. What a pity.

12. Vondelpark
The biggest park in the city located near museum quarter.

13. 9 streets
Another good shopping destination. Come here to find small boutiques, local shops, cafes and restaurants. Nice to find something unique and hang out around here.

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  1. Skvělé tipy :). Určitě bych se jednou chtěla podívat do domu Anny Frankové, ale když čtu, jaké řady tam bývají..achjo :D. No co, už jsem vystála řadu na Eiffelovku, tak nic horšího snad být nemůže! :D

  2. super článek! Před dvěma roky jsem tam taky byla, ale jen na 2 dny, tak jsem vsechno nestihla projit...tesim se na dalsi vylet tam! ;) je to uzasne mesto.
    Style by Eliza

  3. Amsterdam je moj sen uz dlhšie!! Skvelý članok a uprimne ti závidím! Dijoun&Klaudi