Part of having a good blog and be presentable online is to have a good images. Nobody wants to see blurred and boring photos. Therefore, I have pull out some main key points as an advice how to improve your photography.

1) Good usable camera
Either compact camera, DSLR, AP&S or any types of camera is good. Now I am using myself Canon 550D, which is great. Not perfect, but great. If you learn how to use it, all the technical basics and compositions you can create magnificant photos. After that you can buy additional lenses for different purposes. All I can say is do your research. Just because Nikon and Canon are the most popular brands, doesn't mean that others are not good. Depends on your priorities, budget and usage. Read reviews, ask people or ask at shop. For me, investment to camera is a good thing.

2) Lighting
Personally, I don't like flashes (well, if it's not the proffessional studio ones that can magically turn it to look like real). I love shooting outdoor on a natural light. I like to play with shadows and different lightings. For blogs, it is always good to have good lighting, because you want to shot the product or that outfit in a clear image. Therefore, go always shoot when the light is not too sharp or too dim (mornings preferably?)

3) Background/props
Use streets as your background. There are plenty of places in your city that you can use. A brick wall, park, coffee shop, river etc. Use props that are given to you to make your pictures more lively, real and interesting. Why shoot one same style in one place? It gets boring and blended. Go to discover some local spots to shoot in.

4) Focus
Nobody wants to see blurred and out of focus images, right? Unless it has a purpose into it and looks visually nice, otherwise no. But on the other hand, everybody wants to achieve focus object and blurred background images as seen on every other blog, right? Train and learn to use your camera in order to achieve that. But most importantly, always focus to the object. It is always a pity to have a blurred picture when it was a nice moment, pose or anything. So it's good to always take couple more pictures at the same position, angle or always check the images in the camera before leaving.

5) Look for anything that catch a viewer attention
Looks for something different, visually nice. Colour combinations, playing with shadows, shapes or props. Something that catch an attention when browsing your instagram or blog. Be original and playful. Create your own way and style, don't copy from others as it is boooring. Use different props, poses, combinations etc.

6) Keep it as simple as possible
Too much going on a picture makes people go away immediately. Unless, it's nicely structured, colours and shapes work together then it is nice harmony for eyes. But always keep it as simple as possible. Avoid busy streets, people passing around, background that doesn't dit your outfit and is too disturbing with the object.

7) Show the best
What to tell more with this? I don't like posts where people upload like 5 similar pictures. One with smile, one with hand in the air and the other one it's same position, just cropped to a portrait. Always pick and choose the best ones. Remember that once pictures are online, they are somewhere stored in here. You don't need a thousand picture from one outfit (or one monument right?), so always pick the best ones and relevant.

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