Have you read my first and latest travel guide on how to prepare when moving into another city? Now I would like to give you some hints and recommendations on how to pack yourself in style while travelling. First of all, we have to think on what kind of travelling it is. Is it a leisure, business trip, sport trip, family visit, study visit, culture visit etc. Reasons why are travelling are endless and we have to pack accrodingly to the country and reason. Just a checklist before actually starting to pack:
  • What kind of travel is that?
  • Check the forecast in that city/country
  • Check the country background (maybe its very religious country, so shorts, sleevles tops etc. are not the appropriate choices)
  • Always have some safe choice (comfortable sneakers, hoody etc.)
  • Always leave a space in suitcase in case you will go shopping mad :D or at least for presents:)
Now, back to the actual guide to travel in style!

1. Less is more < > More is less

Always keep it simple with clothing. Travel in loose and layers. Maybe the weather here is different compared to where you going as well as travelling under air conditioned environment (in airport, plane...) is not as well good for your health and you might catch a cold soon. So avoid this by wearing layers which you can simply take off anytime. Looking good is about feeling good, so being comfortable in what you are wearing is a first place. (you are travelling for hours!)
As well as do wear flats when possible (what if you do need to run and catch a train/plane or something), and it keeps you on the go for longer to explore more!
 Less is more also applies to make up. You don't want to look like panda or have black circle under your eyes if you accidently smudge your eyes when being tired or after a sleep. But generally speaking, you will feel much more fresh and comfortable if you keep your make up simple when you travel. 
Remember that time is precious and time can be used to spent more time in the city doing fun things, so dont over spend time over thinking what and how to wear it. Simplicity is the key.

2. Pack the essentials
I know packing can be sometimes hard think, I do it almost every second month. Pack those things that are the most essential and needed for the duration of a trip. (Do I really need 4 pairs of shoes?) Pack accordingly to the amount of days you will be there, to the weather and to the appropriate society and environment. (Still you should respect their culture, religious..) Think about what to carry with you around the city as well. (do you need a cross body? handbag? backbag? nothing?) Bring the most important and relevant things, always keep in mind that it may rain or be colder at night, therefore an extra pullover or scarf wouldn't hurt.
You still can feel fresh and stylish in simple outfits, but most importantly comfortable!

3. Black is black

Black is always a good choice. There is no way to get it wrong. It looks stylish and chic. Especially on long travels, or a neutral tones and lighter clothing the crinly marks can be visibly seen. Black can hide everything.4. Minimize jewelleriesAgain, simplicity is the key. Keep your jewelleries to a minimum. Avoid situations where you don't want to loose precious pieces on your way or on the hotel. As well 9 times of 10 you will be asked to removed everything on the airport when going though a security.5. Beauty travel sizesI often have one carry bag on with me to the plane, as I travel for short days. Often back and forth from UK to Czech or making an extended weekend somewhere. Keeping in mind the limit of weight you can carry on as well as the limit of 100ml of liquids. You can purchase a beauty travel size packages to fill in by yourself or already beauty products made for travels. Avoid the situation of forgetting it and facing the situation that they have to throw away your favourite cream or perfume. As well you don't need to pack all your bathroom staff or cosmetics, just take what you really need. Simple is the key, keep in mind.