If you follow me on facebook, instagram or blog, you might have notive that couple weeks ago I was in Copenhagen and straight to the plane to Amsterdam bound. It was a crazy week with lack of sleep but I enjoyed it and did it. This is my final year at university, and May is the month when everything gets crazy (in terms of assignments, dissertation, exams, thinking about future and million of little things). So I think a week getawat help me to release my stress a bit and to sort out some things. I have managed to do in advance my essays and works so I wouldnt feel so behind when I will arrive. However, I have brought my study materials and computer with my with the though of studying over there on evenings. Well, I did, maybe for 2-3 hours max in total for that week? :D

Our flights were in early morning, so I have to wake up early to catch a bus to the airport and to do the airport procedure (as we all know). The funny thing is that I have arrived from Copenhagen on friday morning (exhausted with limited sleep), went home to unpack, take my study stuff and head back to university for a lesson (for 2 lessons from 12 to 6pm!). Went home did some work, eat and sleep early because on Saturday I had to wake up at 3 to get ready for an Amsterdam bound.
So yes, that was pretty busy week. But it was worth it.

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