Career Inspiration 7) Make-up artist

Hello April...  Uh, this is just too fast for me. Feels like time flies faster and faster when you get older. However, as the new month has approached, I have another inspirational interview for you. I have interviewed a proffesional make up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis. I came across her work through a fashion show during February LFW. I am fascinated by her work and passion, therefore I have reached her to tell us more about her career.

1. Introduce us a bit about yourself and your background.
I was born in Ireland and one of six children. Moved to London when I was 11 and studied art and design and then fashion at Central Saint Martins. I have always loved the arts and enjoyed music and drama too but it was when I was juggling 3 different jobs, working at a pub, Sainsbury and PR while studying that I decided that there was probably something else out there for me.

2. Do you currently make full time or part time of being a make up artist?
I have been full time as a makeup artist from the moment I started which I feel very fortunate about. 

3. When and why did you decided to start doing make up?
I fell into makeup while working at a photographic studio doing admin and coffee and tea runs and I was asked to fill in one day as a makeup artist which worked out very well. Considered I never did makeup on someone before I really enjoyed the results. I assisted a photographer which led me to the fashion shows and to see it all happen backstage . This inspired me to take on makeup as a career.

4. How long does it take you to start monetizing from being a MUA?
I was earning a small wage from the moment I started. You can call it like being an apprentice. I learnt most of my skills during this time and after 4 years I went out on my own not working for a company. 

5. Do you have a specialize niche? (e.g.: TV make up, fashion, extravagant, weddings etc.) 
I enjoy working in all areas of the industry but if I had a niche I would say it's being creative and designing looks for shows and campaigns of beauty.

6. How is your working day like as a make-up artist?
Every day is very different especially now I have a baby I take one day at a time but I do get booked up pretty quick in advance. I love my job so much it just varies on timings really if I'm working on celebrity, fashion show or editorial. Some days can be more stressful than others but the majority are fun and fulfilling. 

7. What do you enjoy the most from being a MUA and what is the most stressful thing?
I enjoy being the person to make the change on a face and getting satisfaction seeing it on the screen like a before and after. It's rewarding when you make someone look and feel good. 
The most stressful thing is if you don't have time and are having to rush the look. 

8. What are your most proud of the most and why? Form your past projects/collaborations?
My most proud collaboration was with my friend photographer Camille Sanson in creating a story using crystals and glitter which I directed for the first time shooting beauty. The images are still my favourite to date but they were the start of a point in my life where I felt confident in my work. 

9. What are your plans for now?
I have spent time creating and writing my own makeup book and got a publishing deal to be worldwide released in 7th September 2015. It will be called Art and Makeup which showcases my inspiration and new work especially for the book. I will be touring and educating around the world but hopefully working on some new designs for other projects.

10. Any inspiration quote or message you would like to share with readers and those who are as well passionate about going for a make-up artist career?
'Always go for it and never give up! If it's meant to be you will be happy' 

Check more of her work on her website and facebook! All photos taken from her FB fanpage x Thanks Lan for her time and sharing great things to us. What would you like to read next? x

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