It is very chaoting days, weeks now. Doing so many things at once and being so tired lately. So much pressure around and unclear path. I know, that everybody will go though this stages more than once in their life. And here it is again for me, for a second time and this time much more harder and blurred. A final year of university came almost to the end together with hundreds of deadlines, hundreds of responsibilities and hundres of thoughts.

At this stage, I am trying to use 24hours towards my univestity work to hand it for next week and following week deadline, on top of that working on a dissertation and making it to the best of possible, alongside of that thinking what my next steps will be. But somehow this whole situation confused, really confused.

Apologies for my soul spilling here, but this cause me the un-efficient approach to some cool posts lately, so I am flash backing some pictures. Anyhow, Happy Valentine's day everybody xx what are your plans for a great Saturday day?:)

Testing evening lights in Central London

At Jimmy Choo London's Head Quarter lounge

Sunday brunch with beloved friends, yummyyy, wouldn't mind repeating that every weekend
What has arrived in the office where am I interning, what a cute pieces!
Carnaby friday night hype
In love with small decoration details
To note down 1.000 days

From where I stand snap
It's a wrap, a backstage snap from a photo shoot
Second shoot during the weekend on a very windy day at the rooftop