A little summary of this year's London Fashion Week. As always, the weather in February is not the best to be running outside in bare legs or open toe heels. But as I see, a lot of people will do it just because it's fashion week. I've tried, I did, but I did have to take an extra flats with me and layer up myself. I am not brave as others, and I am not giving up my warm zone because of fashion :D
Fashion Week in London started on Friday, however as it is closer to my end of term and deadlines and exams are coming up, this LFW I have strictly told myself to attend only selected shows and giving me a time to be on LFW and the rest spend home studying.

A recap of shows in pictures, it was brilliant to see all new talents and designs. I am sure that they helped you to write down a shopping list for your next season! Great high tech combinations with leather, knitwear or see through materials.

Apujan A/W 2015 Fashion Scout show

Mimi Tran fashion show

Rohmir Fashion Show

Xiao Li Fashion show

Jamie Wei Huang fashion show

Ashley Isham A/W15 show

Jacob Birge Fashion Show

Hakkan Yildrim

And many other great shows that I have attended or did not have an opportunity to attend because some shows cross each other in timing and location. A great inspiration for our next trend (it's still unbelievable how fashion has to be forward thinking, we don't have S/S stock in store yet and hence buyers are getting ready for A/W 15-16 collections!)

Autumn Winter will be again shades of black, burgundy to wine colour, and a scale of pink dust to purple as well as green shades. We go for high tech textures combined with leather, fur and chunky knits.
We look back at 1960s style, underlining with futuristic silhouettes, minimalistic simple colour shade sleek and slim dresses to knee length, boyish oversized jackets and coats, geometric blocking patterns on clothing and accessories.

Have you watched shows online? What's your favourite? Next stop: Milano! Let's see..

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