Another month here together with another career inspiration interview for you. I have interviewed with Steven Doan, London based stylist who has successfully take on some highlighted project for Elle or Harper's Bazaar. Many people have a very blurred idea about jobs in fashion, it all sounds exciting and nice, but the reality is much more. Fashion stylist do not only pick up and dress up nice clothing to models, think about all the returns and borrowing right pieces, the concept, set directing, sometimes set setting etc. Throughout my studies in London, I have learn a lot about this perfect picture of fashion industry. Hope this interviews helps you to get an insight. Read for more Steven's job role as a stylist.

1. Introduce us a bit about yourself and your background.
Sure. I am Steven Doan, I was born in Vietnam, I am now currently based in London. When I was little and I mean really little my Mum and Dad used to take me out shopping and I was so passionate about choosing my own clothes. Even at the time when I couldn’t yet speak, Mum said, I made sure I pointed out to them what it was I wanted. Coming from such a restricted environment, I was really lucky to have a mum that allowed me to do choose freely. Growing up, I had an eye for highly groomed people and I knew that I wanted to dress people for whatever the occasion was. Retail store employees used to compliment me all the time, about the way I dressed myself. I was then featured in magazines for my, I wouldn’t say unique, but highly groomed modern take on my dress sense. Which then that brought me, to my modeling career in Vietnam. In Which I did for approximately five years. Then I decided to move to London where the opportunities are endless, to pursue my dream of becoming a stylist. So I studied Fashion at Central Saint Martins.

2. Do you currently make full time or part time as a stylist? Do you freelance?
 I am a Fashion Director for Men’s Moments. Also Freelance for several other publications.

3. How did you start to get into styling? And what kind of stylist are you? What is your main strength focus?
As I mentioned earlier in the interview, it was not something I decided to do at some point in my life, but something I was born with. My main focus would be high fashion luxury brands. I like to take things from the past and give them a modern take.

4. Do you do anything else apart from styling?
No. it will be only styling.

5. What is your highest work success or what are you proud of the most from what have you done? (projects, collaborations etc.)
I have done many things I am proud of, I have been very lucky. If I had to finger something in particular, it would probably be Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazines.

6. What do you enjoy the most and hate the most from being a stylist?
Being a stylist, in all honesty is not easy but it’s an adrenalin rush, as every day is a different day. It’s amazing how your creativity and thoughts are brought to life. It’s an absolutely amazing ride.

7. Describe us how a typical day of a stylist is like.
Like any other persons life would be, busy. I wake up answer countless of emails, show up to regular business meetings, I travel a lot, regularly in studios and upon location to shoot the next big thing. The only line of difference is that a stylist’s life is a little bit more unexpected.

8. Where do you seek for inspiration? / What inspires you?
My inspiration comes about from many of the places I have visited, the streets I have walked upon and the beautiful cultures I have seen. Everyday is an inspiration.

9. Any inspiration quote or message you would like to share with readers and those who are as well passionate about being a stylist?

Never give up.

Pictures credit: Steven Doan
Check Steven's website for more work and current project. Thanks again Steven for your interview x