So another month here with a new interview in Career Inspiration section. Hope you are enjoying reading through this interview as I do:) I have interviewed Andrea from, she's a full time Europe road trip traveller and I have asked her some insight of her experiences as a traveller. As myself I am enjoying travelling a lot, I find it very fascinating and inspiring, do drop in her webiste as well to find more tips and articles on her travels!

1.       Introduce us a bit about yourself and your background.
My name is Andrea and I’m a food and travel blogger from Australia. I’ve been living in Europe for the last 15 years with the last 2 as a full-time traveller. My blog Rear View Mirror ( focuses on road trips and European destination guides.

2.       What made you decision to give up what have you been doing and started full time travelling?
I was living in Paris where the cost of living is extremely high but as I work online there was no longer any need for me to be living there. I decided to give up my apartment as it actually worked out cheaper to travel than living in Paris.

3.       Do you think anybody can as well give up and do full time travelling? What are the hardest things about it?
It can be a difficult way of life and it’s definitely not for everyone. You need to be flexible and be able to give up seeing your friends and family on a regular basis. But if you are able to work online or pick up jobs as you travel then it can be exciting way to live.

4.       How long have you been travelling full time already and what were the first places you have visited? Whom do you travel with usually?
I have been travelling full-time for a little over 2 years. Most of that time has been spent road tripping with my husband in the Balkans and Central Europe.

Plump apple filled strudel at Gallery Le Court

5.       How long does it take you to start monetizing from the travelling? What are the key streams of the income when you’re a full time traveller?
It depends on what your skills are. Most travel bloggers have multiple income streams from things like advertising, affiliate marketing, selling travel guides, social media services, translating, web development, and freelance writing and photography. But really anything you can do online would work or you can get temporary jobs as your travel around.

6.       Where is your favorite place if any? Or if you do have any amazing experiences and memories in some place? What do you enjoy the most while travelling?
I don’t have one favourite place but Estonia ( was a stand out destination for me this year. What I enjoy most is discovering new cultures, great food and getting out of the routine of day-to-day life.

7.       How is your working day like as a full time traveller?
I tend to travel slowly, working most days and only spending a few hours each day exploring the destination.

8.       Do you do anything else apart from travelling?
I spend most of my time writing, taking photos and making Youtube videos.

9.       On what decision do you make on where to go next? What are your future trips?
I don’t like to plan ahead, usually picking somewhere close by and affordable as my next destination.

10.   Any inspiration quote of yours or message you would like to share with readers?
Life is short. Follow your dreams.

La Pelosa Sunrise

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Changing of the guard in Copenhagen Denmark

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