This year has fly again and I am pleased for all of my moments, new people and places met, experiences I have gained and opportunities I have been faces to. Being blessed to have my beloved ones nearby to spend all those quality time and memorable moments.Those precious little moments to be happy with.

Hope you have a great holidays and Christmas time spent with loved ones nearby. Wishing you a brilliant start to a New Year. Make it worth it, make it even better and make the most of it. Enjoy your New Year's day wherever you are, whoever you are with and whatever your plans are xx

And I couldn't finish my year even better, somewhere abroad, somewhere in the South of France travelling between Cannes-Nice-Monaco with my whole family, cousins and family friends. Thank you all my readers for your support and presence and hope to stay with you for a next year with more exciting things coming up! xx

Lulu Guinness (UK) Missguided  US