1. Coat / 2. Boots  / 3. Running shoes black and/or white / 4. Slouchy clutch bag / 5. Flower decoration / 6. Flower picture / 7. Running trousers long and/or shorter

Christmas is just around the corner, can't still believe how this whole year run so fast again. It seems as when I get older, the time flies faster and faster. Days get shorter and in my mind is just a little snapshots of what I have done actually in those times. Therefore we need to appreciate our time and make the most of it, as you can;t buy time and always be at the right time and the right place.

For this Christmas, I have pulled out items that I am more in need rather than a dreamy wishlist. But well, it is not gurantee that I will have a chance to get all from this list.

I am in need of a new coat, just to refresh my wardrobe and my outter outfits. Was looking for camel, grey warm coats. Or maybe another nice black one wouldn't be bad as well. But when I saw this camel coat and when they especially do have a petite size, that's what I am in need of! It is actually ahrd to find a perfect coat which would fit me.
After this Christmas, I am going to hit the gym as previously. Therefore need to some new active sportswear to feel ready and feel that I have to use them.
Couple days ago I just totally broke my nice boots which I have them for a year. So in need of a replacement as those ones are actually the only boots I got. I fall in love with knee height or over the knee boots, what do you think? Even though, I am petite size, it keeps me warm:D
As you might read in my previous posts, I have been looking for this bag slouchy clutch for a long time, I came across this one on Next and it's pretty perfect and comes in two colours.. hmm which one shall I take now? ://
Lastly, as a new year is approaching, my room needs a clean up as well, therefore new decorations and shifting stuff from one place to another will be in need before New Year. I love soft colours, flowers and decent home accessories.

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