I am a planning freak, I am a highly organized person and details matters to me. When it comes to travelling, I love to spend time researching and planning things to do there ahead. I love to plan places where I want to visit, I love to experience and explore.
This year is coming closer to the end, exams finished (even though got deadlines ahead after Christmas break, freaking out now though) but I have 2 trips ahead still and hopefully I'll end this year fantastically. Looking forward to share with you. Don't forgot to follow me on instagram and facebook as these are first updated before the post is up online ;) 

With next year, there is a lot of things happening for all of us. So make a wise decision and make the most of it of your time. 
Here is my short list of places I am planning to visit for following year. There are many reasons why I have chosen these places, however, it is subject to change throughout the time. Places may be delayed, changed, add on or anything can happen. But some recommendations for you as well where you can make a holiday or a getaway in :) Places that I recommend to visit as well;)
But it's always nice to have a view in order to plan everything around it and budget it, right? Hands up who loves to travel as I do?

1. Scotland - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Isle of skye
Taking up a chance while in UK, last Christmas I have travelled to Wales, this year I have been in Ireland (not in Norther Ireland though), so craving to visit Scotland as well.

2. Netherland - Amsterdam
I was craving to here for a long time, as it was near and it looks so beautiful and I love canals and everything around the water. So definitelly want to make and extended weekend trip over here, probably during spring time where the weather will be much nice, tulips are around and I can scroll the city on the bike.

3. Spain - Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla
Been in Spain couple years ago with family, visited Barcelona and Costa Brava. However I am planning to do more exploratory trip in Spain, like this summer in Morocco. I have chosen 4 cities for a period of up to 2 weeks. So going to be very intense and tired, but worth it (hopefully). I like to travel to more cities in a country to see differences, properly get in their culture and just to compare. Every region has its own tradition, way of thinking, monuments and own beauty, right? So why judge the whole country based on the capital or one city we have visited?

4. Iceland - Reykjavik, day trips to nature
Before this, I need to do some proper winter shopping, otherwise I'll freeze there. For next year I have to definitelly plan a trip during early winter to Iceland. My main reason is to see the Northern lights! Yes, not leaving until I will see them:D But well, many winters now I haven't experienced the proper cold and snow, so it would be nice to have some snow for a while  and to see the natural winter scenery.  (hopefully, the weather changes, and this Christmas there will be a snow)

5. Poland - Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk
The only neigbourhood I haven't been to. And I don't know actually why? Probably, we don't have any family friends or member there or none of my friends want to go there? But I am hoping to change this by visit some of their cities, as in London I have met a lot of Polish people and they have been suggesting me some places where it is nice, so would be nice to go to see it by myself.

6. England - Manchester, Brighton, Devon
I would like to take up more chance to travel in UK while I am still here. As this last term I had an amazing timetable, giving me a proper extended weekend, I took this chance to travel around a lot. I would like to continue with this, even though the timetable is not flexible anymore as well as with this last year at university coming up, I need to properly schedule my time. They are still few places I would like to explore in the England, places I'd like to visit as long as my friends are at that city at the moment (yay, no fees for accommodations!:D) Here are my top 3 places where I'd like to visit in a near future. Places I haven't been, however I have been once in Brighton already, ages ago when I was youngers and travelling to UK for summer courses.

7. Portugal - Porto
Last summer I had a chance to visit for a first time Portugal. We spent a week in Lisbon and I totally fall in love with this city. There is something beautiful about it. Those alleys, the weather, the endless small roads, trams and city overlooking to the sea. It is as well a first time where I have tried surfing, and totally up for it next time again. (my body was so exhausted after the half day surf lesson). So much new and first time happening over there. I would like to explore the Portugal culture more and visit this beautiful city. A hill overlooking city and famous for producing its wine.

Photo credit: Gloogle Images

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