So last weekend I spend in Munich visiting my friend over there and taking a chance to explore the city. First time I have been in Munich and the impression of what I got, is that it is very beautiful and calm city, reminding my like Czech towns or as in Vienna (as I have spent a lot of time there).
I was there only for 3 days, therefore she took me to the main places around here.
Munich is closed and dead alike on Sundays. There are very little places to go there on that day, however Pinakothek museum is opened on Sunday as well as it is a good excuse to be more in nature and have time to do something for yourself.
Hope you'll enou this little diary and next weekend I am heading to the clouds and roads again for an extended weekend. Catch up with me by following on instagram or facebook and again you can look forward for another travel post!

Sights to see and visited by me:

  • English gardens (especially when I have visited now, as you might now I love autumn walks in park. All those colours and fresh air. And believe it or not, there is a little waterfall as well as surfers are practising on the fast speed river in the park! You wouldn't be able to see that else where I guess))
  • New Town Hall (located in center and surrounded by a shopping district, a beautiful big builduing)
  • BMW Welt and museum
    (for lovers of BMW cars, in my case I went there to admire the architecture and interior design:))
  • Alte Pinakothek
    (an art museum, we had a plan to go there, we were closeby, but get lost a bit and it was tight in time before closing time, so we didnt make it)
  • Olympiapark 
  • Marienplats(a central square in Munich, aka for shopping start here)
  • Old Town Hall Munich (its interesting to see that the Old Town Hall actually looks more newer the the New Town Hall, they are just located few meters next to each other)
  • Theatine Church
  • Odeonsplatz
    (a large square with a Hofgarten, nice park next to it)
  • Maximilianstraße
    (it's like in any city, there have to be a street or luxury brands)
  • Siegester
    (an arch)
  • Starnberger See
    (a beautiful massive lake)
More things to see if time allows:
  • Alianz arena
  • Zoo
  • Bavarian state opera
  • Neuschwanstein castle (disney castle alike!)
  • Oktoberfest
  • and many other parks, museums etc.

If you would like to read more about Munich neighbourhood's and what to do there, read the Trip Happy Munich post for more neighbourhood details!