So I came across to make this new section on the blog for a while now, called Career inspiration. Basically, I am like many others, still young and still trying to find my path in this world. This section which will contain monthly interviews with various people from various background and industry. For those who are interested to join and share with others their talent and experiences, feel free to contact me with your description and links. :)  The aim to make this is to inspire each other, make new connections and hopefully people will take out something from it.

The first person I have interviewed is Aleksandar Savic. Thanks to him the blog got new logo and the look. A young student and passionate illustrator from Serbia.

1.  Introduce us a bit about yourself.
Hi. J My name is Alexander and I’m 22 years old illustrator from Serbia.

2. Are you a student or a full time/part time illustrator?
I’m student and full time illustrator. Studying on college of art, for industrial design.

 3. How long have you been doing illustrating already and how did you get into that? 
    I really like art, drawing and stuff. That is my favourite thing to do, and I’m doing it for a very long time so I am planning to create a business with it.

       4.  What is your typical day like?
I get up every day at 11 and the first thing I do is checking my email and social media, mine and other blogs, then I will draw some new illustration for blog post, or work on something for school.

5. Is there any successful project/work that you have done or/and what is your favorite work so far?   I don’t have any bigger project because I’m still a beginner, but I have a really good opportunities for future. I can not tell which one is my favourite, because I like all my works, and they all have something special. J

      6.  What is you biggest influence for inspiration? (What/Where/Who?)
 I like to find inspiration in little thing, things around me, people and music.

7. What do you enjoy illustrating the most and why?
Portraits. I relly love eyes. There's something that i can't quite explain.

     8.  What are your techniques used in illustrations?
I done all my illustrations digitally in Adobe Ilustrator, but I like to draw in watercolor too.

9.  Any inspirational quote or message you would like to say to readers?

Never give up, follow your dreams, and do whatever you like.

A talent is growing and make sure you check his Facebook and Blog for more of his work:)

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