Slowly, but hopefully efficiently I am improving on my blog. Whenever I got my spare time, I try to use it for improvements on my blog and everything regarding it. As my final year at uni is approaching, more work, pressure and stress is rising. But I hope that it won't have a major affect on the blog and hopefully I will still keep updating regularly and in the same amount as I have been.

I have created a mail subscription for this blog, so please subscribe. As soon as I get the good enough amount of people, I start to once,twice a month sending some exciting updates in the fashion industry, about the blog and its content around. + interesting promotions and giveaways are in preparation, therefore subscribe for these news, as some of them won't be published on the blog. And, I have to highlight that there won't be any spams, promise:) I know how annoying it is and unrelevant to many of you, so I'll be nice and sharing just interesting and exciting stuff with you :)
And oh la la, what are your thought on a new look of the blog? Just slight change of a logo really, but what you think guys?:) Logo by Aleksandar.

Have a look on Facebook page for an extra funny (in a nice cute way) photo where I come to this title of a blog post.

Photos by Natasha Aimée

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