Polka dots

So just got back today from a 10 days holidays with a family at the South of Vietnam. Went to Nha Trang beach and spend there 6 days, a night in Da Lat and rest 4 days in Saigon. Have a nice chilled days at the beach, sunbathing all day. Then we went to visit relatives in other cities, Da Lat is a city high mountains, therefore the weather was colder comparing to nice sunny days in Nha Trang. In Saigon got to visit few new places I haven't been and done a little shopping while there.
Brining some new photos of one of my outfit from the beach, you can look forward for a new photo post from my whole trip soon! You can as well read my newest interview being published on Snap Fashion Blog!

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  1. krásne fotky :)


  2. So jaleous of you! Want to go to Vietnam too (a) Da Lat and Nha Trang are beautiful places and Saigon is absolute the place to be for shopping :P Great pictures :) Hope you had a great holiday there ;)


  3. The polkadots look great on you!

  4. Love how simple it is for the beach!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings