Here we are in the month of July already, can't believe that a month of my total holiday has passed away. I am right now in Hanoi, Vietnam. Arrived and jet laged a week ago. Back here after 3 years and still it's so strange for me, even though I am back here pretty regularly.
Here are some photo updates of the week that has passed. So what just happened?
I have sign up for Chinese classes, as I'd like to continue with my studies, just twice a week for a whole month here (so just to spicy the whe whole stay here). Got my internship interview in a model agency company, so going to work there during my stay here (they were so kind to schedule my time work just 3 days a week, so I can still go to visit and enjoy my holidays in Vietnam:)) Couple days ago we were in Sa pa. The nature was breath taking! Even though it rained half a day, we still managed to get around as we didn't want to waste our time in the hotel and waiting till it stops (if it stops?). But when sun comes out, everything is so beautiful suddenly. This is totatlly different experience from places in Vietnam I have been. The culture is a bit different, the language, local people etc. Will be writing a post with tips and recommendations for Hanoi and Vietnam generally, so follow to get updates! As well as as seen some snaps at my instagram:)

Waiting for a flight connection in Paris airport.

Only back there I can enjoy the ride on motorbikes properly! [sister on the picture, awaiting for a driver:D]

My outfit for the internship  interview, photo taken after while on the walk around the lake

Ho Kiem Lake

Hanoi view [taken from a builduing from where I will have an internship:)]

Lake in a Sapa town with mountain hills (how breath taking is the view when the sun is out!)

So Vietnamese now. Rain coats for a walk in the rain.

Water falls
Bed buses! Travelling long distances aka sleeping the whole way there

Bamboo paths

Somewhere between the land and the sky
The typical clothing for Northern Vietnamese people [Sa pa]

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