Summer top picks

I have been reached to participate in the Closet Swap campaign in association with (a market place to sell and buy gift cards), therefore I have created this small moodboard of my top summer trend picks. As summer is just around the corner (or for minority of us the summer already began). Here is a small cheat sheat of top trends for this Summer 2014. I picked those trends I liked and are strong for me. First of all, many of us might notice if you follow fashion shows or news. Organge is a new black. A very bold and strong colour just right for this summer heat. Keeping the minimalistic design, one colour, shape and just adding a bold massive accessories, will bring the whole outfit to life. In addition, playing with variety of shapes, hemlines and designs will increase the probability of a normal boring one colour outfit to something interesting to look. Such as assymetric dresses/skirts/tops or sheer/transparent hemlines. Personally, I do very like it and I am just for about to hunt something very soon. As I might me a bit addicted to transparent and sheer fabrics, lately I have been fallen for plastic shoes as well. Either whole, or just bits and pieces. Balerinas, heels! Yes, I want one of it! (or maybe both?)
A colour pallete was added here to inspired you and to lead you to put away black and white, and go for something new. Either you want bold colours, or now soft and baby colours are in as well! I am in love with baby blue as seen on illustrations. With a simple patterns reminding of sea waves. This kind of as well describes and remind me what I need to go to shop as soon as possible:D But always, remember. Don't wear something that you are not comfortable with, something that you don't like, but you are just wearing it because it's "in". Always try to match your own style with trends, take some pieces of hottest trends and translate it to your own personal style. That is what is called style, not just copy paste, because somebody has said that is trendy for this summer ;)

What are your top trends that you are falling in love lately for this summer? Share it with us :)

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