Graduate Fashion Week 2014

As the school year ends, there is always a Graduate Week in fashion schools. Our school organized an exhibition going parallel together with Graduate Fashion Week this year. Click here to see what was is like in last year. The exhibition show case work of selected fashion design students that were not successful to be selected on the fashion show as well as work of fashion styling students. From styling concepts in photos to video making. The whole evening was great with a DJ, wine and drinks and small refreshments. Was really nice to see work of final year students and I did find brilliant inspirations for my future photo shoots :)

2 days after I had attended the exhibition in my school Istituto Marangoni, on Saturday 31st the official Graduate Fashion Week has started with IM as a first show on a schedule. The show was great as last year! It was held in a different location and the surrounding was different as well, it has this urban art vibe in it. 15 students were selected to show case their final collection in the show, and everything was different and inspiring. From menswear to womenswear, from minimalism to extravagant. I can proudly say, that there was one vietnamese student selected among all fashion design students in final year to show case her work during this GFW. (didn't know about her since that day:D) After the show, we had a look around at different universities stalls, where other top students were showing their work, had a chance to chat with alumni or workers of the university as well as talks and seminars were held throughout the few days of Graduate Fashion Week. On that day I have attended the talk with 2 PR ladies working in house (Vivienne Westwood PR manager) and in agency (Tea and Cake agency), talking about PR work, different between those two roles and giving advices for us - students. Alexander Hillary was presented, that is a big honour for all fashion students having a chance to show case. Because on GFW there is always a chance for graduates to be spotted by brands and companies. Take a look at pictures bellow of the day and go to GFW official blog for more photos of shows and posts.
Always looking forward for what people can created, I am really amazed and inspired by their inspiration and work. But, it is not always for people who is interested in fashion design. It is generally about fashion and art. From photography, marketing, illustration, design etc.

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