During the week I had visited a Pradasphere exhibition held in Harrods, I remember last year when there was a Dior exhibition at the same place with a little cute Dior Cafe. This month, is a Prada.

A display show casing remarkable objects arranged in a well order (see the little plan bellow in pictures). Origin of a brand, time line from the past till now unmissible objects and memorable pieces from the history of a brand were displayed in small glass boxes, everything from fashion to accessories (including shoes and handbags). You have a chance to see what the brand was inspired from, such as art, architecture, film and culture. Iconic dresses were displayed in the middle seperated in various themes, celebrating the Prada innovation, materiality and craftsmanship.

Harrods spokesperson introduced the exhibition as, "the recurrent cultural themes that are evident in Mrs Prada's work", describing it as, "a natural history museum of Prada". Our favourite kind of history. 

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  1. Kraasne fotky :) velmi rada citam tvoj blog :) urcite sa pozri aj k nam na give away :)