Secret Garden

Last week I went with Barry to shoot some outfit photos and he suggested a park and an area I have never visited, so I said: ok, why not try that. As I love discovering new things and travelling, it is always a challenge to me. Especially since I am here in London, I dont have the need to urge to coming back to one spot all over again, even though I did like it, but still it is a call for me always to have a chance discovering different parts of London, new cafes and restaurants, new shops and boutiques and just admiring things around me. I think London is about it. It has many nice cute, but even dodgy places, many nice up coming talented new designers boutiques and retails, many parks, many nice streets with small local cafes and restaurants. So definitely, if you have been here and saw the mainstream and well known places and monuments, go further to discover boroughs! :)

Here is one of my latest place discovery. Inside one of a huge park you will find this secret garden. It felt like in a fairy tale really! I am definitely coming back here once it will get better for a walk, picnic and to shoot:)
What are your latest place discovery in London or in your own city?:)

Photos by Barry Green
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  2. Škoda, že nie je vidno bližšie na fotke topánky, ktoré vyzerajú byť krásne! :)