Fashion Revolution 24/4

Today is exactly a year when a factory Rhana Plaza collaps happened in Bangladesh where 1133 people were killed and another 3000 people were injured. It was a moment in fashion where it changes everything. In the builduing were working many people under bad environment, places like this are know like sweat shops. They were working on clothes which we are using in daily life. Well, in a better way it's daily and in the worse way it's when we use them once,twice and then replace them or throw them away.
The day when this happened, the fashion industry called it as a Fashion Revolution Day. A day where changes were made for a better conditions for workers and better quality for clothing.
As many people do not realize that what everything is behind a simple t-shirt.

This day is inetrantional, many brands, designers and companies are getting involved. If you want to get involved as well, simply take picture with a reverse clothing to see the tag and hashtag #insideout
An easy step to closer to make a change and get out the message globally.
Ask yourself and around "Who made your clothes?"

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