Yves Saint Laurent movie

Just few days ago me and my friend has attended the special preview of an YSL movie at BFI London. Including Question+Answers time at the end of a movie. The movie will be in cinemas from 21st March (London)! I have to say, that I did really enjoy and like the movie. It was very well directed, actors played very well and very straight forward and not boring at all. I do recommend to watch it if you are into biography movies or if you are interested in the life of the well known designer. The movie describes the beginning and the end of his career. At Q+A time we had a chance to ask and listen to the director and main actors explaining by their view. It was very interesting, that none of them (even the director) had nothing to do and know nothing about fashion at the beginning, but have to say, that the final piece he made, was very good and it took only year and half to do so. Have a look at a trailer if you haven't seen so, and apparently Dior film will be launched as well soon, so hopefully it will be another good one.

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  1. how amazing it must be to have the chance of attending the movie preview - I've been wanting to watch this too! and thanks for leaving the link to your tumblog on twitter - sick pics!

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    AL xx
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