Warehouse Fashion Shooters festival

Yestearday was a day for fashion and photography enthusiasts, a Fashion Shooters festival held by Warehouse. Located in fashionable East London and a day with great music (feel like even better than in clubs:D) and full of exciting things. You could have your nails or hair done by professionals (but the queue was massive!), you could design your own motifs on a personalized t-shirt, take a flipcard photos or many other exciting things. You could have met many fashionable people and networking with them as well as a nice gathering in a perfect atmosphere, served with food and drinks. The pass and information packed came about week before the event in a nice see through envelope together with April edition of Elle. What a nice pleasant thing to get more exciting for the event. 
Overall, the event was very good, I had enjoyed it and me and my friend got our flipcard of photos, hair done as well as our t-shirts, however, as we queue up for t-shirts during last hour of the event, only large sizes were left, so my L crop t-shirt is work like a big size normal t-shirt :D

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