Sis in London

My sister have a half term holiday, therefore she visited me here in London for couple of days. Even though she was in London before with school, so she had visited and saw all major monuments, therefore I was thinking where to take her here when she had seen most of it.
A little guide for your what to do in London if you have been here for X times already. Apart from shopping and going through again some major monuments such as Big Ben or London Eye.

Day 1)
The day after her arrival we start up with a nice brunch at Folly. After that I took her to Columbia road flower market. We were unlucky to catch the day where flower market wasn't open (it's open only on Sundays!). However, we took a walk in Shoreditch - the East London urban area.
After this we have decided to have a walking day today, as the weather come up nice.
From a walk in East London, where we have seen many artistic corners with graffiti and small cute shops we took a bus to Waterloo, where we head towards Oxo tower. Go around the gallery and their small designers shops and then we had a nice cool cocktail up at the bar with a view on Thames and over the river.
Then we head out toward London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament, walk to Covent garden, Leicester Square and end up at Picadilly Circus. We had walked a lot, pop up in small book fairs, M&M store etc.
In the evening we had a nice dinner at Inamo restaurant with Asian cuisine. They did really have a nice meal as well as their interactive menu has appeal to us! You order your food, drinks from the table without waiting on a waiter, and while waiting for food to come you can play games with interactive projector to your table, spy on chefs through a camera or changing background due to your mood to appear on the table and much more. It was really fun and impressing! :D Definitely try this restaurant if you are planning to have a fancy meal out:)

Day 2)

In the later morning we head to Portobello road market where we have seen cute colorful houses and many cafes and market shops on the street. Have run into one book shop store where they are selling old stuff and wanted to buy a Vogue from 80's however, the person infront of me took it just in front of my eyes, what a pity. However, there were many old magazines or new ones (even just from a month ago) just for a pound (prices varies). But definitely will come back later again to see what they have in stock.
After this we went to a gallery to see a fashion illustration exhibition by Patrick Morgan. It was a small cozy gallery and his work is really well done. After that we had out for another exhibition called Sensing spaces. A combination of modern art and architecture. It was amazing, I love that. I love all of their exhibits and was really impressed.
This day we had spend a lot of time scrolling into charity book stores (where you can buy so many different books and more in good quality for cheap price!). As my sister is a book worm, she was spending a good quality time choosing which one to buy.

Day 3)
As her last full day being here, we had decided to take a walk on South Bank towards Towerd Bridge and that area. We had walked back to Monument and take a tube to Westfield shopping center where we have done some shopping and went to a cinema. The weather get worse during the day, so we end it up soon and went home and have done some home dinner (as we had always eaten out during this week).
Next day in the afternoon she is leaving, therefore not much time left to do anything else. If the weather would be much nicer, I would definitely took her to more markets (as London is full of small corner shops and street markets) or to beautiful parks for a walk or on a bike.

Hope this article as a small diary of her trip here, gave you some suggestion and tips what to do and what to visit while you are here (and have visited all important monuments:D) What about you? Where do you usually head out in a city if you have been here as a tourist already? Any suggestions for nice places?:)

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