It is always a nice feeling when you as a freelance photographer get your photos visible and featured somewhere. This is my second editorial that has been featured in a creative magazine. This editorial called "City Fairy tale" was made on a really windy day (very strong model I got!!:)), I planned to do very fairy tale, so I wanted to do in a park and very dreamy etc.,hence due to the weather everything has turned around and I end up with a very different twist of a fairy tale, which in my opinion works and is contrasting, do you think so?:) Have a look at the editorial on WhiteLies magazine:) Follow me on instagram and on Faebook fan page for updates from blog and photo works:)

Photographer: Thuy Pham
Model: Faye Maidment @ Body London
MUA: Joanna Harley
Stylist: Damien Corbett

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