Reviewing a site called Not sure if you have known this site before, but Í haven't. After I come across this site, I find it brilliant. It is not a usual another online shopping website, hence it a online market place where people can go and sell and buy things. The thing is that products are so good merchandised as it would be an online store. Products are well categorized in different sections, visible and easy to browse and find in it. They even have an interactive banner in the first page as you come in. Where they introduce you with the latest trends, products and forward you to the selected page.
Have to say, that I have fall in love with so many little things in it that I want to buy them all. Sharing with you my wish list from shoplately. And what is your wish list? Definitely try to sign up and use this page :) You can follow users, like their products, purchase and sell fashionable products ;) You can find everything, from accessories, jewellery, clothes, shoes, handbags to technology accessories etc.

1. Black and Hold pumps - I am in hunt of gladiator heels now!
2. Red chain bag - I have just bought a week ago a red small bag, but I do need another one as well:D
3. Necklase  - Maybe I have too many statements necklaces that I do not wear them much anymore, but now I want one small statement necklace with a small and minimalistic decoration in it, something like this?
4. Lips handbag - what a statement that can alive a normal outfit!

Like I am in need of those things:D

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