Updating from a week of fashion from London.

Day 3) Finally after 2 days of rain during LFW on Sunday was a nice cool weather that me and my friend even finally got a chance to chill outside on the rooftop bar at ME London Hotel. On this day I had met a friend that I have met 2.5 years ago back in Beijing on summer course. Since then we had keep in touch but never met or always missed each other by a day or week. But now she is in London for a week and yay, we had to catch up with everything. Attended on this day Basharatyan V show, where models had a fabulous hair style on catwalk!

Day 4) Monday I got a chance to be at the backstage of Zeynep Tosun, however I didn't make it on time, so I just went to watch this show. Hopefully next time I have to manage my time better. After this how I head to Caslazur presentation. Well, I had expected more from a presentation which is open for people 5 hours, not just a standing 6 models there. However, we could clearly see those garments, touch it and interact with models. (poor them, standing there for 5h, god bless them) You can even see how uncomfortable it is for them, they started to move around, having phones in the hand etc.:D Hence, they were offering delicious milkshakes and food there. (it was located in a small restaurant, will come back for sure)

Day 5) Last day of LFW I just went for Tata Naka presentation (again, just models). It looks like more like a live photo shoot though. 5 days in a row going from a show to another was kind of tired. Especially in this weather and waiting outside (half an hour or more, are you kidding me? those fashion shows delays are getting longer and longer!) Not pleasant though. That's why I give up on so many shows that I got invited to. Just because I got sick of waiting outside in the rainy and windy weather. Overall, I was missing some kind of vibe from this LFW A/W 14, compared to last year. Maybe it's the weather that is taking a major part in the mood, however I have enjoyed each individual shows that I have attended and have seen many interesting people around. Looking forward for the trends brings and what next season will be like.

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