Onesie trend *

Onesie is becoming more and more popular nowadays in my opinion. As I have lately seen a lot of them in stores as well as many of my friends been talking about them. So I have decided to make a post about this new cozy trend. Onesie is a simplified word for a loose casual jumpsuit for adults. They are most intended to wear like a homewear or sleepwear (like a baby:P) But this past Halloween, I have seen so many people wearing a onesie as their costume wear (monkey, tiger or rabbit ones:D) Yes, they do have many choices of them, might be cute, might be silly. Depends on how you take it :) But for sure they are comfy and warm. Have a look at ARK clothing, an UK retailer, with many choices inside as well as they do have a section for onesie for women. What is good about it, is that you dont have to care about what to wear at home, especially now when winter is arriving and it's cold. Imagine just jump into this jumpsuit and cuddle on the sofa with a popcorn in a hand and movie on. Wouldn't be nice ? :D I feel like having this kind of thing right now. It's becoming in last years more popular, you can see them in TV shows and movies. In my opinion, in UK it's one thing to include into your home wear, in Czech it is not that popular yet, but who knows, maybe after this it will spread it out:)

"The onesie has made an appearance in everyones wardrobe!! Once worn never to be forgotten! Whatever print, colour, animal......Get your onesie at"

But on AKR they are offering much more! Do check this site out for more inspirational clothing ;)

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  1. Jéé tuhle značku neznám mají hezké vzory. Do teď jsem znala jenom

    1. tuhle stanku zas neznam, ale jak koukam na ty maji sice min, ale hezci a levnejsi :P

  2. Mně se tohle moc líbí, ale kdyby mě v tom viděl pan M, tak mě asi zabije :-))

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