Outfit 4/8/

Can't believe that July is over and so my month of internship in a magazine. Oh well, it wasn't what I was exactly look forward for, but at least something:) Now, time to properly travel around and not a weekend pop in to cities. Anyhow, I had enjoyed sunny days during last month as well.
Right now, I am planning last minute trips and dealing with a new flat in London. So have lots of things to do and I do expect and believe that it will run as fast as previous 2 months off from school already.

Have you have lately difficulties to find totally suitable basics or simple colour clothing? I actually do. I have been searching for a proper blouse for pretty long and when I do find them, it doesn't have my size or it's now what I had in mind. But yestearday, I had purchased this simple blouse in sales and I am happy that it does satisfy what I have been pretty much looking for.

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