I am introducing to you fashion lovers, a new online shopping experience called Mallzee.  A Mallzee experience of online shopping helps you with an easier access and time of your browsing online stores. You choose your style, your brands and Mallzee picks the best what would eventually suits you!
Does that sound interesting already? It save you time to browse all those sites! As well as it gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends online. Ask about their opinions, chat about clothes and get inspiration from everywhere before making the final decision of purchasing a clothing. People have the chance to vote there, therefore it's beneficial for you to see if people would like the item or not!
You can build up a virtual wardrobe for clothes that you are thinking to buy. 
And on top of it, you will receive Mallzee dollars whenever you shop on Mallzee! They pay you for your shopping! What does that mean? You will receive numerous discounts throughout your shopping on Mallzee. 

Definitely do sign up there:) Available on the app as well ;)
Easy, for free and you will have fun while shopping:) Steps to join Mallzee and enjoy your new online shopping experience:

Step 1) Sign up via facebook or email
Step 2) Filling up your personal details
Step 3) Choosing your styles what you like or dislike
Step 4) Selection of brands you are interested in
Step 5) Start shopping and earning Mallzee dollars!

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