Letni Dyzajn Market

I love going through markets in town. Especially those ones organized couple times per year, because I always find good designers, creations, designs to be shown there and I do admire their hard work.
On Saturday I attend "Letni Dyzajn Market" in piazza of National Theater in Prague. There were couple of brands I already knew from other market events and many new ones. It was only one day event, but next one is planned on 3rd October!
Have bought pretty and cute origami flower earrings from one of the stalls from an atelier Mate.
I had admired her work at the stall for pretty long and finally make a decision for what to bought :D
Katerina Prokesova a designer of KP salon whom I have been working for pretty long time now have her own stall there, therefore she has display some of my photos as in her portfolio of design work. I was glad to see my work there :)

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  1. Tam jsem se strašně chtěla podívat, ale na poslední chvíli mi do toho něco vlezlo. Jinak super fotky. :)
    Style Without Limits

    1. Dekuji, tak snad ti to treba vyjde v tom srpnu:)

  2. Úžasné fotky :) Mám strašně ráda takové designové věcičky každá je prostě originál :)

  3. This post gets my creative juices flowing!!


  4. The market looks so great! The items look so unique :)