Many of us has experienced the moment where we have nothing to wear, even though our wardrobe is over loaded by clothes. The moment where we wish to have new stuff to wear, even though we are wearing them couple of times and then it goes to the hanger or bottom of the wardrobe. Hence on saturday evening I have attended a blogger event organized by Rentez-Vous together with LDNbloggers. The aim of the whole sessions was renting out other blogger's closet for 2-3 weeks. Does that sounds interesting? Yes, it does actually bring us the opportunity to have new items in our closet for cheaper price and just for wearing couple of times. Girls get bored of their clothes easily therefore this is an opportunity where to not waste their money so much as well as experiment with short term apparel.

On that event I had a chance to meet founders of both organizations as well as other London bloggers. We had brought with us pieces of clothing where we mix and match with other blogger's closet. Then we had a small street shooting alongside with a nice atmosphere with home made cupcakes and drinks.
That day was just a trial day, but in my opinion it is a great idea what Rentez-Vous is trying to bring on board here to London. It originally started in Paris. Have a look at their website for more information and be updated for their new events where you have a chance to exchange and rent clothes with other fashionistas.

Here are some photos of that day and more photos will come for sure:)

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