And here it was once again. Rentez Vous event was held in a nice Shoreditch area. From my past post you might have an insight about this already. So just briefly once again, the aim of this event is to provide renting clothes for fashionista who doesn't have enough budget or who is just keen on changing their closet on weekly (daily ?)  basis. Super great idea, for those who wore just once, twice or three time their garment and now it's somewhere in the wardrobe. This is a chance where you can actually save a bit the money as well as  you got the opportunity to wear it and then return it without the thinking that you will overload your closet with unwear stuff. Today many designers show case their work as well as bloggers.

Glad that I have met some familiar faces from the last event, such as Becs, Minnie or Diana from LDNBloggers, as well as Fiona, the founder of Rentez Vous! And once again lovely mini cupcakes and drinks were provided during the event. People pop in, try things and had fun. Definitely recommend you to come for their next event xx

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