This post is dedicated to my talks about Paris attractions what I have went through during my short stay there. Apart from small cosy Parisian streets we have visited  major Paris mus see landmarks.

That includes Eiffel Tower and Trocadero

Louvre (with Mona Lisa)

Notre Dam de Paris

 Arc de Triomphe


Musee d'Orsay

basilica of the Sacre Coeur and its fabulous view (yes look at all those people around this area >.< )

Opera and nearby was Lafayette shopping center

Hotel de Ville (with its haite couture exhibition as mentioned earlier in a post)

 Les Invalides

 Luxembourg garden

Moulin Rouge

view and walk along Seine river

and all of it, dont miss Paris by night !

Paris has lots of small corners to be lost and forgotten and to be discovered. Just need more time being around there. It has lots of small bakeries and restaurants. Everyday we went for food out and try new things. From traditional food to the mainstream ones.
Apart from central Paris I have visited as well outer part of Paris, especially been in Fontainebleau. Near Avon. Visited their local restaurants as well as its castle.  Piecfull, friendly and magnificent part of Paris. A great place to get out of the rush and city life.

Do you have any other recommendations of good locations and places to visit while in Paris? Share with us :)

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